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17th December 2002, 09:12
Hi all

I'm trying to extract the video and audio from some VOB files (which have only one 2 channel audio stream) into an MPEG2 A/V file. I want to basically get the streams out as they are, and not have to go through a transcoding process. All the guides I see talking about pulling out to VCD or SVCD, which involves transcoding. Is there a tool to do what I want?


17th December 2002, 10:29
someone also ask the same question a week ago, this should help:


17th December 2002, 17:10
Nope, this isn't quite the same question.

I can demux to m2v and ac3 files (although that's a step that the right tool should let me avoid). If I remuxed these with the tools that I know of, I'll end up with a .VOB again, which is not what I want (unless a .VOB is exactly a .MP2, although I've always understood it to be "similar to" an .MP2).

At the end, what I want is an *.mpg file that I can play with Windows Media Player, without any change in quality.


17th December 2002, 19:19
Extract the m2v file & wav file.

Import into Adobe Premiere 6 the export as an mpg.

Simple (well, if you call Premiere simple)


17th December 2002, 21:45
That would work, except I don't have Adobe Premiere.

17th December 2002, 23:24

Sorry about that, I'm not sure of any other solution, but I'm sure there must be one.....

I know, if you don't mind spending some money (very few things in life are free)...

Try this site :- http://www.puremotion.com/index.htm

You can download their software and have a free trial, I use it, it's a great little package, especially the Mainconcept Mpeg encoder.

(It's also a great site for technical details.

HomerJ :)

18th December 2002, 13:19
With the MPEG Tools in TMPGEnc you can multiplex m2v and ac3.

"There is a tool called "MPEG Tools" in TMPGEnc. This tool enables to de/multiplex audio and video or to cut/merge movies. These operations are done in binary level, thus there is no re-compression."