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15th December 2002, 21:51
how do i burn or wot program do i use 2 burn a .img file created by image tools cos nero wants 2 burn a dvd .img file as a cd file

16th December 2002, 01:04

Why don't you burn using imgtools 0.99.5? Do you have the latest version? Why create an image file in imgtools and then burn in Nero?

16th December 2002, 21:10
cos wen i try 2 burn with imgtools it uses nero code 2 burn i do beleave and it spits loads of errors at me
but i am now useing dvd decryptor 2 burn and all seams 2 be fine thx anyway

25th December 2002, 01:19
Use Passi PrimoDVD 2.0, be sure to update the PXengine update.

25th December 2002, 22:54
rename the .img to ISO and burn image in nero.

26th December 2002, 16:38
I installed the Passi PrimoDVD 2.0, but can't find the PXengine update.
Do you know where i can find it ?

It gives me an error when starting : runtime error , subscript out of range :confused:

26th December 2002, 17:30
you can burn the img files perfectly with dvd decryptor. And its free 2!!

26th December 2002, 17:49
I tried dvddecrypter already, but it doesn't play back on every dvd player. I tried nero and it doesn't work on any dvd player even with the udf/iso writing mode. My writer is the sony dru 500.

26th December 2002, 19:42
Well there is only 1 way to burn the disc (burning from an ISO that is). If it doesnt work on your player, I would say its the media at fault, or just that your player doesnt support dvdr or something.

26th December 2002, 19:48
Well, there must be more than one way to burn a disc. DVDs burned with Nero do not play on my xbox, but play on every other standalone player and my computer. DVDs burned using imgtool.dll .89 (ifoedit) and burned with DVD decryptor play fine on my xbox and every standalone Ive tried but cant be played or read in my computer (even the same drive used to burn them). Any help here would be greatly appreaciated.

27th December 2002, 11:48
The problem is not my dvd player and not the media, because when using the same media in a panasonic standalone dvd recorder it plays back on every dvd player I tried. So the problem must be the way it is written !!!
As I said before I didn't succeed to burn any DVD that is playable on a standalone dvd player with nero.(I tried every mode) Only when I make an iso file with IMGtools 0.89 and then burn it with dvddecrypter it works in some dvd players, not all. When using the latest IMGtool even this doesn't work (probably because it uses the Nero burn engine)

So again does anyone know where I can download the PXengine update, because it seems that the program doesn't work without this ?

27th December 2002, 12:59
I think you misunderstood what I said.
Yes, ok, the image can be created in several different ways, but in terms of actually burning that image - ie writing the sectors to the disc - there is only really one way of doing it.
If the image is created in a way thats not 100% compatible with your player then you should 'in theory' be stuffed - no matter which program you use to burn it.