View Full Version : deleted VIDEO_TS.IFO

15th December 2002, 01:49
I accidentaly deleted the "video_ts.ifo" and I was wondering what I should do. I don't have the original disc at my house anymore, so any help would be appreciated.


15th December 2002, 04:13
If you have VIDEO_TS.BUP copy it as VIDEO_TS.IFO (do a copy, paste into another folder, rename, then drag back. Or open an DOS prompt, CD to the folder, and enter COPY VIDEO_TS.BUP VIDEO_TS.IFO)

15th December 2002, 12:06
unfortunately I don't... any other ideas. Is there a way I could create one? if so, how?

15th December 2002, 12:18
I am sure you would have checked you recycle bin!!!....:rolleyes:

You could try hunting down a util call "UnDelete".

Good Luck!!

15th December 2002, 16:14
IfoEdit can create one, but it will not be identical to the original.