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13th December 2002, 19:22
Howdy all-

I have been attempting unsuccessfully to back-up a DVD-9 to DVD-5 using the guides on this site. After splitting the files and correcting the VOBU pointers and VTS sectors, when I attempt to burn using Nero 5.5, I receive an error message, "file allocation failed. DVD may be unplayable, do you want to continue?"

I read a related post by Derrow indicating that IFO has a bug and sometimes mis-lables the file length of VTS_01_0. I have attempted to apply the suggested work around unsuccessfully. Also, as it relates to Derrow's post, I get this message sometimes on D2 wondering if it is related. To date I have not been able to get both DVDs playable, all attempts have yielded only 1 playable DVD, sometimes D1, sometimes D2. My system info is as follows:

IFO Edit 0.95
Windows XP Professional - fully updated
Nero 5.5 - with most recent update
Pioneer A104 DVD-R w/firmware 1.33

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. DOOM9 ROCKS!!

13th December 2002, 22:41
Did you try creating an image with IMGTOOL and then burning?

14th December 2002, 04:52

Imgtools has always worked for me when Nero gives me reallocation errors. Just make sure that "reallocate VIDEO_TS structure" checkbox is unchecked. It's slower than regular Nero but at least you won't have a coaster to put your beer on.

Just my opinion, I do have 0.95 on my computer but I always use 0.91 for splits as I read in an old thread that 0.95 doesn't do a better job at splits. I've done many DVDs this way.