View Full Version : don't know where to ask...

11th December 2002, 16:46
... i almost feel bad posting this here, but i'Ve asked at a bunch of other forums and they haven't given me any usable answers!

anyway my problem is the following:
i want to buy those creative inspire 6.1 speakers but haven't really got the money to by an audigy II soundcard. now i do have a 5.1 sourround chip (cmedia on board - i know it's crap and i'm not gonna use it a day longer than i have to...) and so i want to know if it makes any sense or if it is possible at all to connect this soundchip with these speakers! or if i should just buy the audigy first and the speakers later?

thanks for the help and sorry for posting 'slightly' off topic (:


11th December 2002, 17:34
As far I know these speakers have a special upmix system which up-mixes surround to 6.1 channels when used with a 5.1 sound card(I dont know how good is this anyway).So why dont you buy them now as they seem to be compatible with your card and buy a 6.1 later?