View Full Version : How to set "custom" vob size in "Author new DVD"

11th December 2002, 10:05
I want to split the new created vobs into another size (CD size). I read in the thread "How to set 'custom' vob size in Vob extras" how to change the IfoEdit.ini file. Is there a similar setting in the ini file for changing the vob file size when authoring a new DVD?

Thanks for any hint.

12th December 2002, 13:28
I also would appreciate this feature, but unfortunately I think the VOB size when authoring is "hard coded".
Anyway, you can "re strip" the authored Vobs afterwards so to make them fit your desired size.
I found that using the Split DVD 2 DVDR option and indicating a vob size is very convenient since it automatically copies all the necessary files in subfolders (at least for the first disc).

Waldok :cool: