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Ronald ***
5th December 2002, 21:57
Sorry i have remove the url.

Ronald ***

5th December 2002, 23:07
well, ronald, something is ... something :)
plenty of broken links (almost all) but since no translation has occurred, it's pretty normal!

watch out:
1.'style' layout (expecially the inset news frame) seems wrong, and i'll bet doom9 will ask u to use his 'standard' doom9.css cascading style sheet (which is quite nice, i admit...) ... a quick link inside each *.htm doc and u're done!

2. links to other translation projects @ top of the main page are broken (they shouldn't, need no action on those!) and ... in wrong order, just move to the most left the 'english' one, coz it's the first

eheheh, just trying to help out
if u need more help just ask, i've never been online without precious hints from other translators

Ronald ***
6th December 2002, 05:49
Hello Babaz

I,no that a lot off links ar dead . the link where you see this Demo is only for us to see how works everything, next week maby two
Doom9.nl wil be done in a lot of translations site's you now that is't a lot of work for ower translator to do everything ..

Thank Babaz, for replay

6th December 2002, 21:14
Hi there,

I haven't seen doom9.nl but babaz is right: You need not change much in Doom9's site design (in fact, you shall not if you want it to be official...). The best "advertisement" for you site is the small 20*10 Pixel flag in Doom9's Top Frame! Without it, the translations wouldn't be as successful as they are.
(Doom9.de has >6000 visitors each day, most of them come from Doom9.org/top.hmtl :)

And... good luck! This project takes a lot of time and work.

One hint for you: You need not start a new thread for each and every message concerning your project here in the translation forum... ;)

Ronald ***
6th December 2002, 22:00
Hello Scipio

Oke, i putt the uk-flag in the top en translation a lot off site's.
The forum can i do compleet in duth? phpBB
I think that the site is end off december ready, for 20% i'm waiting for the domain Doom9.nl .

When you see more little thing wrong tell me , i hope to bring the site so good as well in dutch.

Ronald *** webmaster (Doom9.nl)
Master Man Translator (Doom9.nl)

Ronald ***
9th December 2002, 13:37
Hello, doom9 members

when do place DOOM.org the nl .flag? when the site is 100% or 50%

Thanks Ronald *** doom.nl

9th December 2002, 18:20
when do place DOOM.org the nl .flag? when the site is 100% or 50% Once it gets interesting for people to visit the site on a daily basis... No translation project is a 100% complete so that's not a requirement. You should have regular news and some translators who regularly submit translated guides though, and a working forum can't hurt either (though it's not a requirement).
Besides the flag you'll also get an @doom9.org mail account (which can be accessed via both pop and the web) so you can handle the official site business via this address.

10th December 2002, 11:09
what you also need... make it easy for people to collaborate and incorporate the document overviews so that they show how far the translation has progressed.

Ronald ***
10th December 2002, 13:23

We will make a collaborate and incorporate the document overviews so that they can't see what is ready.

I have little problem, when i make a hyperlink to your server for the software tools , i see in my display first my http://www.doom9.nl/Soft21/Audio/azid-1.8.zip

But i will that the url goto http://www.doom.org/Soft21/Audio/azid-1.8.zip

the software map ,is to big to place total on my server.

Ronald ***

15th December 2002, 01:15
That's possible, but depends on Doom9 and if he's willing to do it. If you get things going, he will also announce your project for sure.

I saw you got things going, even with an own forum. So you should be in the news soon. :D