View Full Version : Are VIDEO_TS.VOB files neccessary for DVD structure?

2nd December 2002, 21:54
I'm making a backup of Dogtown and Z-boys and don't need any of the 4 VOB ID's that are in VIDEO_TS.VOB:

ID1 = Columbia/Tristar intro
ID2 = 'PG-13' Screen
ID3 = FBI warning (4:3)
ID4 = FBI warning (16:9)

If I try to strip all 4 of them, then a new VIDEO_TS.VOB file is not created (simply the VIDEO_TS.IFO is edited). It makes sense, becuase I am litterally not needing any video/audio (because they are all stripped). However, if I try burning the disc without VIDEO_TS.VOB, Nero complains and my set top DVD players don't play it.

So... I was wondering if this file is neccessary for proper playback.

Also, I am not too sure how First play PCG's work... It almost seems like my VIDEO_TS.IFO does not have one.


David Hwang
3rd December 2002, 03:18
If the dvd has no menu, you can ignore it.

3rd December 2002, 06:13
It does have a menu, but they are located in VTS_01 -

When I burnt the disc without the VIDEO_TS.VOB Nero complained and I wasn't able to play it in my set top DVD player. However, if I stripped all but the very first Columbia/tri-star intro - it burnt and played fine.

My guess is that a VIDEO_TS.VOB file is necessary for DVD recognition in Set-Top DVD players... just a guess though...

Is it possible to strip all of VIDEO_TS and still generate a VIDEO_TS.VOB file? (I guess it would be empty)


3rd December 2002, 06:40
The video_ts.vob file is not required unless the VMG (video manager) has menues, however, Nero has a bug that requires the file.

3rd December 2002, 10:15
Thanks for the info...

Strange... for some reason my set top DVD player did not play the disc without video_ts.vob - but did when I included "ID: 1" from video_ts.ifo

As you can tell (from my number of posts), I am new to backing up... How would I tell if the VMG has menus? Is the VMG only in video_ts.vob? Is the VMG related to the 'First play PGC' ?

Sorry for all the questions... is there a good guide/tutorial that discusses items like VMG's and PGC's?

Thanks, I appreciate your help,