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29th November 2002, 05:40
I am having a problem with IFOedit and it woon't extract any of the VOB id files i want to strip... The movie that i own is one hour and 57 mintues...compare to the movie that i own again "What Lies Beneath" is 2 hours and 10 min. I decrypt u571 wuth latest DVDdecrypter then VOBrator to view each VOB. in one particular VOB like there are over 26 vob id numbers and i click on VOB extra and then select a folder then check the ones i want which are only id 2 and the rest are left out blank and push the button to strip... it just doesn't do anything! I see 2 different things on IFOedit Extra Menu and VOB extra compared to the one on the menu bar ..Strip Stream and Strip VOB-ID... both are showing different vob id numbers ...which to use? just hard to get U571 because it shouldn't be hard at all... i have 4.39gb and those darn vob id (1 -26) are whats left for me to make the movie fit on my dvd+rw... can you help?