View Full Version : Removed angles in Star Wars Episode II

23rd November 2002, 02:53
I read all the posts on Star Wars II. I stripped the 2nd & 3rd angles from the files when I ripped in file mode in DVDDecrypter. I then transcoded and authored the movie and am going to replace the original VOBs with IFOUpdate. Before I do this, do I need to use IFOEdit to "Remove IIvu Angle Pointers" on the original files to make it work right? Since the movie IFO was VTS_07 and IFOEdit creates a new VIDEO_TS.IFO/BUP and VTS_01.IFO/BUP, do I just rename VTS_01.IFO/BUP to VTS_07.IFO/BUP and replace the original VIDEO_TS.IFO/BUP and VTS_07.IFO/BUP? Thanks if you can help!!!