View Full Version : the Aspect Ratio interpretation of ZoomPlayer for avi files!

22nd November 2002, 22:33

I have encoded an avi file from MPEG2(VOB) file in resolution of 480x480 for testing...
The original VOB resolution is 720x480 ,AR16:9.

When I play the VOB in ZoomPlayer -it resizes the picture to 852x480 ,BUT when I play
the avi(480x480 expected AR16:9) file -the player resizes to 480x270 instead of 852x480.

Is it possible to set the Aspect Ratio interpretation of ZoomPlayer for avi files to be the
horizontal scaling instead of vertical?
I've searched in setings for this without success.

Best Regards!

24th November 2002, 05:18
It doesn't really matter as you play it full screen anyhow... There's no difference in quality.

25th November 2002, 10:55
Thanks for reply Blight!

I think it will be nice to have the option to scale only horizontal for avi files too ??

Thank you for your work!!!

30th December 2002, 19:57

I see the new Zoom Player (3.0 beta3) can do this !!!:)
THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I can start thinking more seriously of
480x480 xvid encodes with Aspect Ratio of 16:9 !:D