View Full Version : first time with cce, need a little help..

20th November 2002, 07:12
I have used the guide on this site and everything seems to be just fine, except that on the guide it says after the first pass if everything is to my satisfaction, then I am ready to author and burn, but after that at the bottom(after 2nd pass) it says that if I have an NTSC movie that I will have to use pulldown on it? i am a little confused? do i use it for 1 pass too? or just after 2nd?
also i would like to run this while i sleep, so i would like to be able to do more than 1 pass and go to bed. But the guide doesn't go into that... can I and if so how???
As Always,
Thanx in advance for any help all

20th November 2002, 11:02
The resuting stream after the first pass has exactly the same format as after the second one, so yes, do the pulldown.