View Full Version : Have you even seen the pirated DVD ?

13th November 2002, 10:12
Wait for the attachment to be confirmed.

PS. It's DVD-5 (single layer). not as good as the DVD-9 (dual layer).
Usualy the DVD-9 always have DTS track and nicer artwork.

13th November 2002, 10:53
Wow, it's scary how legit that looks. Unlike my Empire Strikes Back DVD from Malaysia, which looks a cheap asia bootleg.

13th November 2002, 11:03
My only experience with a bootlegged DVD is LOTR from Thailand (I think), and that one looked like a cheap copy, not to mention the encoding. a 3h movie on a DVD-5...

13th November 2002, 11:52
i think the region logo is the giveaway.

also if someone has that, can they scan the bottom, i want to see who manuf. the disc