View Full Version : Dual audio (GraphEdit method)? Doesn't work anymore?

27th October 2002, 19:49
Hi =)

I'm using dual audio for a DivX AVI - I'm using the GraphEdit -> "virtual" .AVI method described in Doom9's Audio guides -> Dual Audio guide.

It used to work, it doesn't anymore. When I try running the new, small .AVI, Media Player just says "format not supported" (error 80040265). The dual-audio .AVI also plays fine when started in Media Player, and both audio streams play simultaneously with the video stream (so I get both languages babbling over each other) as it should.

I haven't installed any new drivers, except for my graphics card (got a new one a while back). But, as normal DivX AVIs (with audio ;-) play fine, I don't think it's a gfx card issue. Anyhow, I have tried a few different drivers but that doesn't seem to help.

I also tried some dual audio .AVIs I have made earlier, they don't work either. I've tried reinstalling the DivX codecs and what not... to no avail =(

The [MSS] -style option described in the guide is not for me, and I don't like to use any other player than MicroDVD (I use MicroDVD subs because of their small filesize).

Help me out, if you have any idea on what's wrong...

Thank you in advance,


28th October 2002, 08:26
Have you installed a new DirectX or WindowsXP SP1??

Because both of them update the queartz.dll, which causes this error. Took me one week to figure this out.

Only way to resolve: Restore this quartz.dll after every update that modifies it, then it will work again.
See also here:http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36358&highlight=microDVD

P.S. Does someone have a logal copy of Windows so he can mail Microsoft why they do such a shit? Only to annoy us or what?? Cause Graphedit files work now only in Graphedit itself, in no other program.

28th October 2002, 16:43
That actually resolved my problem!

Thanks, Raistlin!