View Full Version : crash bad discs?

26th October 2002, 06:03
burning DVD's always causes my PC to crash. Ive used nero, and instant cd/dvd. same problem. also the incomplete disc crated during the crash, causes my PC to lock up again when i try top open "my computer" or try to access my dvd-burner in any way. is it windows? i just did a clean install of win2000, and i was able to burn one dvd before it started messing up. i had win 98 running before with the same problem. could it be the discs are poor quality? I have a toshiba DVD-rom sd-r5002. 800 mhz AMD duron processor, and 256 MB ram.

26th October 2002, 09:41
i have no experience with DVD burners... but it rather seems to me that there's either a problem with your drive (hardware) or some driver problem... probably it's also a prob how you connected it to your IDE bus...
so try to update all your drivers: ide, dvd burner, perhaps a new firmware and try to connect it as a primary drive on another bus than your hard drive you're buring from is on.

no guarantees this works though (:


9th May 2003, 01:31
it was my sound card. soundblaster live. it sux. when i take it out i can burn perfectly. thanx for your help!