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23rd October 2002, 07:59
Hello all,

I saw several posts about CRC errors in AC3 streams. The number one advice is to rip it again.

Actually, I ripped it from a very old DVD with scratches, and I guess it's why it happened. And now I have about 7 errors in a movie of 2 hours. Besweet 1.3 stopts to encode when it encounters the first error, while Besweet 1.4 goes on, and do the whole job. Since I launched it this morning right before going to work, I did not get time to listen to the resulting MP3 yet and check its quality (if I can notice a problem).

However, I would like to be sure. I still have all the VOB files on my hard disk. It means that those errors also lies in the VOB files, then, of course? How can I know if there are also errors in the video stream? I don't see a reason for which there would be errors only in the audio stream.

I found the name of a tool, without explanations: ac3fix. I suppose it replaces the part with a bad CRC by "blank" audio?

Thnks for your time :-)

23rd October 2002, 19:13
yes, you're right, the vob on your h.d. might have few errors, and that possibly covers also the video streams.
however, demuxing the stream again from the vob on your h.d. doesn't suppose to help much, 'cause i expect the errors to come from the main ripping (+decss) process.

Originally posted by U977
I found the name of a tool, without explanations: ac3fix. I suppose it replaces the part with a bad CRC by "blank" audio?BeSweet does this already.

23rd October 2002, 19:13
Ok, I think my question was too stupid to be answered. Of course, CRC errors also lies in the VOB files. And for video error, I don't know, but I will search a bit more around here.

I decided to use the stream output by Besweet 1.4, because I don't hear any problem when listening at the given MP3. The problem is taht I'm just a kind of perfectionist about error related topics :-) I hate scratches on CDs, errors in archive files, in video or audio streams,... But I'm changing withg time :-)


23rd October 2002, 19:16
We posted almost at the same time :-)

Thanks for your confirmation!
Actually, I'll just keep the result as it is now, because I couldn't notice the errors. And the DVD is in bad conditions, I don't expect to get an error free rip.