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23rd October 2002, 01:52
I need an EXPERT to check the following settings when using DVD2AVI with gknot. I'm a newbie looking to figure all this out...

Its my understanding that the choices I make in DVD2AVI are critical!

1) I activate "FORCED FILM" with both 29.970fps & 23.976fps if
“FILM” is 95% or higher -or- has NO PERCENTAGE listed (just "FILM").

2) I choose INVERSE TELECINE with both 29.970fps & 23.976fps if

3) Under the AUDIO > DOLBY DIGITAL menu option, what do I checkmark, Demux, Demux All Tracks, or Decode?? (I just want to put a MP3 audio inside the avi track)

4) Under the AUDIO > MPEG AUDIO menu option, what do I checkmark, Demux, or Demux All Tracks??

23rd October 2002, 02:28
1. I'm not sure if you mistated part of this question. You are correct on the GENERAL GUIDELINES for percentages (100% FILM shows as "FILM" in the preview window), but I would like to clarify that Force FILM is an Inverse Telecine, and should only be used on sources that are 29.97fps.

2. The same holds true for this question. If the source file you are working with is already at 23.976 FPS, it has already been Inverse Telecined.

To clarify: Force FILM is a form of Inverse Telecine. It is preferred, when usable, because it is both faster, and the resulting reassembled frames are otherwise unaltered. GKnot's IVTC (or alternative IVTC methods) are slower, as frames must be analyzed, and the results include field de-interlacing, which does impact the final assembled frames.

If you haven't read it, I recommend clicking on:

Force Film, IVTC, and Deinterlacing - what is DVD2AVI trying to tell you and what can you do about it? (http://www.doom9.org/ivtc-tut.htm)

3. Decode will convert the Dolby Digital stream to .wav format, and is not recommended (or used) with GKnot. You may select "Demux" and then select the appropriate audio track, or, per the guide, you may select "Demux all Tracks." This will extract one or all Dolby Digital (.ac3) streams out of the .vob files and into a folder where GKnot can convert them to .mp3 format.

4. GKnot doesn't work directly with MPEG audio streams, as it's the rare DVD these days that has sound in that format. You can ignore this setting, until and unless you have a DVD with MPEG audio streams.

24th October 2002, 23:41
If you need a guide, try mine I wrote it for newbies :D