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22nd October 2002, 21:02
as some of you will notice i am new to this forum. i have just got the hang of dvd2svcd, but i am stumped with one aspect of the programme.
can you tell me if it is possible to fit a two hour film onto 2 700 meg disks, and if it is how and what settings do i need to change to do it.

many thanks


22nd October 2002, 22:56

Hope it's not fullscreen

23rd October 2002, 02:52
al1959 remember SVCD discs are either 740Mb for 74 Min 650Mb data discs or 800mb for the 80 minute 700Mb discs.

There is no 700Mb when talking SVCD's. So make sure you adjust the bitrate tab accordingly.

Unless you need subtitles or multiple audio streams I would strongly suggest making a VCD if your AVG bitrate drops below 1500Kbit or so.