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22nd October 2002, 19:03
Hi There

When i play my muxed OGm file the movie is frozen. There's nothing happening to the movie. The sound is playing fine and it shows the subtitles. There's just no picture at all it doesn't help if i forward the movie. It just result in at still picture.

I have tried the lastest ZoomPLayer 2.80. WMP6.4 and the modified WMP6.4 dom www.doom9.org and nothing help. They all give the sam result.
I have muxed my .avi with two .ogg stream. That's done by OggMux 0.9.3. I use the lastest DSF and subtitle mixer
I was trying to download an earlier version of OggMux but it seems to that the file are downloadble from sourceforge at moment.


22nd October 2002, 22:09
I suppose you've already checked if your .avi is good, but could you give more details about it (encoding process, codec...) ?

22nd October 2002, 22:19
Yes I have tested the soundless avi and it works perfectly.
It's a DivX 5.02 avi made with GKnot 0.26.1. Audio made BeSweet and as explained it plays perfectly too. I've used the latest BeSweet and latest build vorbis.dll.

Hope that is enough information.

22nd October 2002, 22:25
I forgot that I have ripped the subs with vobsub 2.18 and converted it to .srt.
The .avi is 2-pass movie made from the doom9 guides. Everything is made by following doom9 guides.

22nd October 2002, 22:42
Well... Have you tried muxing without subs ? Maybe you should also try others combinations : muxing just the .avi, the .avi with just 1 ogg, the .avi with 1 ogg and 1 SRT... (may be it will help finding what's wrong)

You could also take a look at Cyrius modified version of VirtualDub (or OGMuxer) (http://cyrius.bunkus.org/)

22nd October 2002, 23:13
Thx.. I will try using those tools, see if I can make 'em work, else i don't know what to do other than go back to mp3...

23rd October 2002, 04:29
Did you install the FFDshow filters? I am only able to view my DivX5 movies with ffdshow-20020606. You can find those on source forge also. Try to install those and then select it to playback Div5 contents. I think you will find that your OGM is now playable.

23rd October 2002, 17:49
I'm still experiencing problems with OGM playback (in addition to the above mentioned phenomenon): For example when dropping an OGM file into my WMP 6.4 window (or when having WMP 6.4 only opening one instance) while having already an OGM file opened (playing/paused/stopped) WMP 6.4 closes itself.

WMP 6.4 even sometimes closes itself when moving inside the movie.

Playing an AVI and dropping an OGM file into WMP 6.4 works. :confused:

Update: Just uninstalled OggDS and SubTitDS and downgraded to OggDS No self-closing of WMP 6.4. Upgraded again to OggDS WMP 6.4 closes again. Downgraded again. Everything works fine.