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21st October 2002, 23:00
I am using dvd2svcd. I want to use TSCV for creating chapters and menus. The TSCV guide posted on this site assumes that there is a VFAVI file. But I do not think dvd2svcd creates that. Correct?
How to create that file so that I can use TSCV. Thanks.

22nd October 2002, 00:10
DVD2SVCD creates standard Mpeg-1 or Mpeg-2 files that can be used in TSCV.
I am no expert on it and I fear that you won't get many good responses in the DVD2SVCD forums for this.

TSCV has it's own dedicated website and forum, although I haven't been there in forever. I can't remember the address, but I am sure if you look on the Doom9 main site or in the Doom9 forums you will find at least the address. You might also want to look to see if there are any readme files in the directory TSCV is in.

Good luck,

22nd October 2002, 00:14
Thanks for your reply. This question is more towards the TSCV guide. I do not know who wrote it, but the question is for him/her or whoever knows the answer about the VFAPI AVI file that is mentioned in the TSCV guide. That file is not generated by dvd2svcd and I am sure that a lot of folks that use dvd2svcd also use the TSCV. How they go about using TSCV w/o the VFAPI AVI file?

22nd October 2002, 04:05
Like I said chances are you will not get an answer in this forum.
You are better off asking in the SVCD forum here or going to the dedicated TSCV forum. The number of people posting about TSCV in this forum is almost nill. We may have had one post in the last three months on it. I truly believe you are wasting your time in this forum with a question about this software. I wouldn't have pointed you elsewhere if I didn't believe so.

I believe Doom9 wrote that guide and some time ago if I am not mistaken.

You might want to try this to see what is the best forum to post this question. Do a search on all of Doom9 on TSCV and then decide based on the amount of hits where your effort is best put.

If you want to double you chances of getting an answer go ahead and head over to the TSCV website. It's better then waiting and you might just find the answer.

I am not blowing you off. I just think your efforts are best placed elsewhere for this program.


22nd October 2002, 15:37

VFAPI reader creates a small (some MBs only) *.avi file that can be read by any application that can use the vfapi codec. The trick is that using this codec the application reads the sometimes huge original avi or mpeg source, instead of the small one created by the VFAPIReader. (This is done by frameserving, but it does not matter.) Tipical scenario is to use VFAPI to open 4GB+ files by apps that do not support AVI 2.0.

Conversion is done by the following steps:
1., Create a DVD2AVI (this is where DVD2SVCD comes into tha picture)or TMPGENC project file (*.d2v or *.tpr). This project file should refer to the huge avi/mpeg/etc as input and output files as well! Again, the input and the output should be the same. Do not start this encoding project, since it would overwrite your input!
2., Download vfapi reader/code from doom9. As far as I follow this, VFAPIConv-1.04-EN is the latest.
3., Install the coded by running vifpset.bat
4., Run VFAPICONV-EN.exe. EN stands for English, for other downloads you may get Japanese buttons :-)
5., Click "Add job" twice (thanks to the stupid UI) and select your previously saved DVD2AVI or TMPGENC project file.
6., Deselect Audio (since you, and more importantly TSCV does not need it)
7., Click on "Convert"
8., The small avi file is ready in a couple of seconds.
9., Test what you've done: open this small file in mplayer2.exe. If it plays, the bingo. If not, then you either do not have the coder installed correctly or in case TMPGENC project was used, the DirectShow filter should have a higher prio.

So finally, this is the file TSCV.exe asks for.

Two more things:
1., Do not forget to enable Media Player preview and VFAPI on the Setting tab!
2., Use TSCV only if you want to create static or moving menus. For chapters only, VCDEasy is better.

Hope this helps,