View Full Version : Divxdec.ax : I need that file , and not because of obvious or newbie reasons .

21st October 2002, 22:30
Hello !

Could any one send me the DivX 4.12 (or is it 4.02 ?)
divxdec.ax file ? I am rather sure that it is called that ,
but I may be mistaken .

It is like this :

I have a video , in 2 parts , that was encoded with a
version of DivX4 . The first part plays (I have DivX 5 installed)
fine , but the second only shows a green screen (and sound) .
A friedn of mine , whom I got the video from ,
said he had the same problem , and could only solve it by trying
to reinstall variuos codecs .

I do not want to reinstall anything , because I have reached
a delicate equlibrium of codec playback that I would like
to keep . I reaching that equilibrium , I found out , among
other things , that the DivX 4 and 5 decoder files are both
called divxdec.ax , and are interchangeable , as far as the
system intelligence goes (as it uses both , if they are
just there) .

What I want to try is just to cut out the divxdec.ax (DivX5)
out of my system folder, and insert the DivX 4 version , and
see if I can see the video .
After seeing, I then just repaste the DivX 5 version .

So if someone could tell me where to get the DivX 4
divxdec.ax file , or if someone could send it to me
at JazzMC@gmx.de , I would be very grateful .

Cheers , Jan .

Sven Bent
23rd October 2002, 14:47
have you tried just using the ffdshow filter ?

i does a much better job at decoding divx5.02 than the stadard divx 5.02 filter. plus it support both divx 5 divx4 divx 3 mpeg4 msmpeg xvid etc etc etc

23rd October 2002, 15:10
Can you not download it from:


23rd October 2002, 16:44
On the Elecard page, I dint find anything .
And they don't have official DivX stuff anyway .

And I do not know that ffdshow filter .

As I said : I would just like to have the
divxdec.ax file that belongs to the DivX4 codec .

I have th DivX4 installer, but that kicks out
DivX5 again . I just want to replace the file and
see if the video (Nausicaa , an anime by the guy
that did Princess Mononoke) works .

So please : if someone has it, I need it .

Or if you know something else I can try .

The video is in 2 parts , and the first part works fine (it IS DivX 4 encoded) .
The second part just shows a green screena and audio , but the file itself is recongnized as a valid DivX4 encoded file by all programs I tried on it .
DivXFix , though, couldnt remove the header , so i guess the problem is with the header . probably some disfunction while cutting the file .
Vdub cannot do anything with the file but display green screen and sound . I know that it can reconstruct the header when it is missing, but that seems to be there .

Sincerely ,

Jan .

23rd October 2002, 17:03


23rd October 2002, 18:41
Very funny .

If not knowing ffdshow is sooo newbie of me ,
then shame on me , but you really could do more
than just writing that one word .
Like explaining , in one or 2 sentences,
what it is and does, and if it might help me
with my problem .

That shouldnt take you more than 2 meager minutes .

Jan .

23rd October 2002, 18:45
It is a dshow player that can play DivX 3.11, 4.0, 4.01, 4.02, 5.0, 5.01, 5.02, XviD, MSMPEG4v2, WMV1, H.263, etc.

It's been around for a while, I honestly thought everyone knew about it by now..