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20th October 2002, 23:49
It seems like when ever I try to change all the cd sizes to 800mb in the bitrate tab none of the movies will play. I don't get any errors or anything. And I use 80 min cds as well. But when I got back to the default settings it comes out ok. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

21st October 2002, 01:29
No always worked perfect for me. Never heard of this issue with anyone else either.

How are you burning the CD-R discs?

Have you tried to play the BBmpeg_Muxed.mpg files in WinDVD or PowerDVD from the HD?

Have you tried playing the Cue/Bin files using Daemon Tools in WinDVD or PowerDVD?

If any of the above things work then it's most likely a burning issue. If they don't work then post your DVD2SVCD_Log.txt file using cut and paste not attach and we will see if there is anything happening.


21st October 2002, 01:50
Have't tried using anything other than Nero, will try out some of the others the next time it happens. I didn't know Windvd could play bin/cue files either, so will try that too. Thanks!

21st October 2002, 01:52
windvd doesn't play the bin/cue files....you have to mount the images with daemon tools...see the faq for more information

21st October 2002, 10:02
just a question: did you set the max.average.bitrate to 800 as well, while changing values?

21st October 2002, 14:11
Nope. I need to wait for it to happen again so I can post my log. Other than CD size, I think I had everything the same. But I did have use 1600 checked as an average minimum.

21st October 2002, 14:33
Don't check that value. It will screw you up most times.


21st October 2002, 18:48

Point of clarification. I use min average 1600 (or other values) all the time and I've never had any problems. Are you referring to a specific configuraiton (PC, CCE vs TMPG, etc..). I'd be interested to know what problems you've had with this setting.

could you clarify whether you're having problems "playing" the resulting files on the computer or problems playing the "burned" disks?

If it's the burn variety problem, than I suggest you try something other than Nero to author the 80 min CDRs. You might check out the FAQ that explains the "foolproof" method of using Nero to simply copy an image to a CDR instead of asking Nero to "author" it which requires Nero to actualy create a folder structure and put the right files in the right place.

I've had bad experience with Nero and 80 min CDRs when trying to "author" especially for files that are a few megs over 800 mb (which is common if you set the bitrate tab to 800 since the image creation process adds around ~10 mb to the final file size). One thing to try is to set the tab to 790 or 795, thus giving you a bit more margin for the image creation part of the process.

Apologize in advance for using quotation marks :D

21st October 2002, 19:11
The Min AVG will not allow DVD2SVCD to use a lower bitrate then the one stated in that box if it's checked.
It only becomes a problem when the bitrate needed to fit a certain number of discs is below what you set it for. If this happens then DVD2SVCD cannot fit the video on the number of discs set and either has to create a larger then expected filesize or give you an extra disc.
There is really no reason to use this setting, unless you wish to force a higher Avg bitrate then DVD2SVCD will calculate. Best to leave it up to the program to do it by itself.

I have my doubts this is the problem here, but you never know.

Ok enough with the jabs. I know it's only in good fun, but it's enough already.


21st October 2002, 23:10
Thanks for the help and ideas Markrb and Hitch. Luckily I haven't had any other occurances, the 800mb has worked on my last 2 movies. But the first 3 movies I tried to do 800mb didn't work. The only thing I can remember was that my pc or dvd player couldn't play the disc, and exploring it it was empty too. So, I'll have to wait till it happens again before I can shed more light. Will leave the min avg button unchecked too, thanks for that tip. I'm no expert yet, so I don't need to fool around with that one. Maybe that could have been the problem. Could have been Nero too, will let you know. Thanks!

22nd October 2002, 04:56
Well, I think it may have to do with Nero or too big of an image size. With my last 2 cds I've tried to burn with Nero it gets too 100% then just hangs. The 2nd time it finished after a minute or two, but the cd won't play. The bin file size is 825,190, and the cd properties says Free Space 0 bytes, Total Size 0 bytes. Maybe I'll try Daemon tools and see if that works.

22nd October 2002, 06:27
That filesize should be fine. If it's bytes then the file is about 806Mb's and is perfectly fine.

Make sure if you use Nero that you are using the latest version and you are using Burn Image from the file menu and not something off the wizard. Failing that get VCDEasy and use the CDRAO tools or get CDRWIN to burn.
You could aslo try the foolproof way to burn that is in the Q+A.


22nd October 2002, 16:35

It is definately not Nero or the file size, just the other day I burned an 824,450 file with Nero and it worked fine. I Use Daemon to create a false DVD drive and just do a straight copy CD using Nero. As is explained in the Q & A. See below:

Q61: What is the best/safest way to burn a SVCD?
A: For those of you that have this down pat please disregard. This post is targeted at the zillion people that seem to have constant problems burning an SVCD disk. It is designed to provide a foolproof way to burn a SVCD to a disk that even the newest person can understand.

OK, all of you have a disk copy program, right?. By that I am referring to any of the simple disk to disk programs available like Nero, cdrwin, clonecd, etc. They are tried and true when it comes to copying one disk to another, however, sometimes they, or the user, might have problems when attempting the direct burn of a cue/bin to disk. So we will use the straight disk copy portion of one of these programs, along with Daemon tools to do a straight copy of the disk.

Get this and install it:

This basic tool, along with WinDvd or PowerDVD, is a MUST have for ANYBODY that does SVCDs.

Daemon Tools creates a "virtual" cdrom on your PC. This new drive is available to Windows just as if it were a physical disk drive.

It, and windvd or powerdvd, should always be used to preview your disk image before you attempt to burn a disk.

In a nutshell, right click on the icon Daemon tools installs in your tray. Select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM > Device > mount image and choose your CUE file from the file selector (see notes below if you have any problem doing this). At this stage it is as if you had inserted a properly burned SVCD in a physical drive. You can use WinDvd or, most of the time, the latest PowerDVD (old ones won't work), to preview the disk.

Now just run Nero, or whatever, and select a standard disk copy with the virtual drive as your source and the burner as your destination. Burn the damn disk. You should be able to use "on the fly" with no problems as the read speed from the virual drive is mega fast.

If this does not work you have other problems you need to deal with like your aspi layer.


Mounting a disk in Daemon tools is normally foolproof unless you have a an incorrect path header in your cue file. If so, open the cue file in notepad and fix it. For Cue/bins created with later versions of DVD2SVCD this should never be a problem, even if you have moved the cue/bins to another directory. If you have changed the name of the cue/bin you will have to change the header in the cue file to the new name. Don't worry, it is easy and it is obvious where to change it.

You will need to select "unmount all drives" before you attempt to delete the cue/bin after a successful burn (or mount something else)as the bin/cue will be locked from deletion.

Hope this helps if you are still having trouble.


22nd October 2002, 22:05
Thanks guys! Will try them out.
Just updated Nero from to, will see if that does the trick. Also doing the image from the file menu too...
And it worked! Hopefully will stay that way!

23rd October 2002, 04:08
upgrading to will not fix your problem if you burn it the same way...use the foolproof method mentioned above

23rd October 2002, 04:17