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20th October 2002, 07:58
I'm using DVD Maestor, and I'd be using Scenarist but I think it's a bad crack because it crashes constantly. Perhapse I haven't put the DVD together right which would explain the crashing in Scenarist, but I have the following questions...

Using DVD Maestro, I put all the menus, main movie, chapters etc together and compile the DVD and I get a warning "No DVD menus in project; using dummy data". After that, if I try to play it in PowerDVD off of the HD, the "title menu" plays, which is an animated menu. It works fine, but if I select "Chapter Selection", the chapter transition plays, the first chapter menu (chapters 1-4) load correctly, but it immediatly goes to the main title. During the playback, if I select "root menu", it just starts the main title over again.

How do I designate a particular menu as the "root menu" for a particular title?

Why don't the chapter menus, which are set as "still menus" display the menu subs? They (I can really only get to the first one) just immediatly jump to the main title.

I've setup the "Chapter X: menu key" to point to the correct menu "Chpater Menu (x-x): button x", but hitting the root menu just restarts the main title?

I assume all of these problems are of the same nature. If someone could please give me some pointers, I would greatly appreciate it.


21st October 2002, 00:15
Btw, the navigation all works just fine in Maestro's navigation simulator. I don't get the actual playback because I don't have a compatible player, but the still menus work just fine.

21st October 2002, 15:34
ok, i think your getting Title Menu, Root Menu and Chapters Menu all mixed up, which is understandable cause maestro and powerdvd arent consistent (iirc)

ok, this is what (from my fragmented memory)i remember what matches to what:

PowerDVD - DVDMaestro
Title Menu == First Play (???)
Root Menu == Title Menu
Chapter Menu == Root Menu

try that and see if it makes more sense when your testing ;)