View Full Version : Miramax Titles and decrypting problems

17th October 2002, 06:10
I've had trouble using dvd decrypter and smartripper with several Miramax and a couple of Touchstone movies. It seems as though not all the encryption is being removed during ripping or something. Goes through the IFOEdit process seemingly fine. I've read numerous posts here and tried all the combinations of settings and can't seem to get some of these movies to rip correctly. I'm getting artifacting, skipping, and lock ups during the splash screens and the beginning of the movies. Disks are clean and scratch free too. Anyone have any suggestions?

18th October 2002, 00:44
I had the similar problem. The problem was gone when i connected DVD Rom to another IDE . You can try "normal" acsess mode in Smart Ripper also. It helped for me.

18th October 2002, 02:12
Thanks. I'll get it a shot.