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14th October 2002, 15:04
I'm having problems with Windows XP.

The motherboard is the K3Ultra2 by MSI with a 1.7 Athlon XP processor usinf Windows XP Home edition. VIA chipset on motherboard.


The SPDIF output only streams Stereo PCM - I cannot get Dolby Digital streams output from a sony digital receiver. When I run this in WinDVD - no sound and receiver acts like no its non-signal.


Tested this on the embedded Realtek sound SPDIF on motherboard K3Ultra2 as well as on a C-Media (Zoltrix Nightgale) - Same behaviour. Turning on SPDIF in WinDVD results in no Dolby Sound (no sound at all) but clicking back to two speaker the PCM Stereo in then received and sound comes on.

The strange thing on an INTEL motherboard (800MHz) different motherboard (VIA chipset as well) the same sound card (Zoltrix Nightgale) works in Dolby Digital in WinDVD with SAME operating system.

So negating the sound card and drivers working on one and not the other eliminates sound card, drivers and the OS system but points to hardware.

Does anyone have any clue or pointers I could try out.

Someone suggested bad DMA from the DVD reader (Lite-On DVD drive reader).

Anyone out there?


16th October 2002, 17:15

Hmmm, one idea based on the suggestion:

Have you tried to rip the DVD to your HD and play it from there? This way you can exclude Problems with your DVD drive.


22nd October 2002, 23:33
Did you try to install the latest soundcard drivers? I had just the same problem as you with my new laptop and after downloading and installing the latest drivers for the soundcard it worked just fine. Good luck!

21st November 2002, 16:11
Hi, I'm having the same problem at the moment.
A week ago I fumbled around with some audiofilters.
(after having tried the filters in "audiofilters.zip")
Suddenly I got the nice Dolby Digital sign on my receiver
when I played a divx with AC3.

And today I reinstalled my computer because of some problems
with downloadprograms and now I can't get AC3 to work anymore.
Whatever filters I try... it just won't activate the
spdif in the ivideo filter. (it activates, but it won't stick)

Does anyone know how to compare installed filters?
Because I made a ghost image before I reinstalled and want
to compare filters with my new situation.

Hope you can help

(MSI KT3 Ultra, with onboard alc sound)

21st November 2002, 16:42
Just got it working with valex's filter

Also got it working with odio decoda filter
I just needed the empgdec20beta.zip and
select 24bit. (very strange)

22nd November 2002, 09:51
this is the correct url: