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12th October 2002, 17:46
cant find it anywhere on doom9, divx-digest or google. and I searched for conversion3d on this forum and couldnt find much more than people saying they used it (some mention the settings they used) and (dis)liked the results, noone tells where to download it or where to find how to use it.
would appreciate some help :)

12th October 2002, 17:56
With a simple search of :
Convolution3D AND http*

You could have found the URL ;) ;)


12th October 2002, 18:06
I guess you didn't read the FAQ (Q21)?

12th October 2002, 18:12
uhm... yeah, that wasnt exactly the smartest thing I ever did :s
thnx vlad59 :)

@ Wilbert:
I did read a FAQ, I read several, probably not the one you so specifically discribed ;p

12th October 2002, 20:25
It's a start, but not at all newbie friendly. Too many numbers. There should be commands like convolution3d(anime). or convolution3d(DVDSource). Stuff like that. :D

12th October 2002, 21:21
I know good parameters are not easy to find even for me because there is no exactly identical noise.

But in v1.0 (should be released tomorrow) you will have
Convolution3d (preset="movie")
Convolution3d (preset="animeHQ") # anime Hi quality
Convolution3d (preset="animeLQ") # anime Low quality
Convolution3d (preset="animeBQ") # anime Bad quality

I can add some other preset for vhs or dv but I have no experience about these material, so I'm waiting for help here (bb ? Wilbert ?)

12th October 2002, 22:23
oh boy oh boy.I cant hardly wait.Vlad why are so kind to us?

12th October 2002, 22:33
Tomorrow is in thirty minutes now ! :D

Anyway thanks for your already great plugin vlad59 !

13th October 2002, 12:47
I know good parameters are not easy to find even for me because there is no exactly identical noise. (vlad59)


I totally agree with your above statement and I'm so glad to hear that you'll release a new version soon. I'm really looking forward to trying it.

You know many people around here have also been trying to find a generally-agreeable-upon setting for normal film DVD sources for a long while. But the results really differ from source to source depending on the amount of noise the source contains. For example a setting of (1,6,8,6,8,2.8,0) reported by The Real to give excellent results for him simply didn't work for me in my recent encodes. I'm still using settings like (0/1,4,4,4,4,2.8/3,0) to increase the compressibility of normal movies and get rid of the artifacts without hurting the details (together with some sharp resizing methods such as LanczosResize or BicubicResize(...,...,0,0.60/0.75) and MPEG quantization with XviD).

Anyway, once more many thanks for your great filter and the new version to be released! ;)

best regards,

14th October 2002, 07:51

as always I'll be a little late for this release.

Sorry for this.

14th October 2002, 09:31
My 2 cents:


The last time I tried your plugin was version vb3. I used your standard settings

Convolution3d(0, 8, 16, 8, 8, 3, 0)

which resulted in hi quality. But it needed some more smoothing. Maybe you can make something like this:

Convolution3d (preset="vhsHQ") # vhs Hi quality: (0,8,16,8,8,3,0)
Convolution3d (preset="vhsLQ") # vhs Lo quality: a bit stronger
Convolution3d (preset="vhsBQ") # vhs Ba quality: two bits stronger


I don't know much about DV, but from what I have seen DV material is not noisy. IMO if you use smoothers on DV material it is not to denoise, but to remove remaining deinterlace artefacts, increase compressibility, etc.

Recommendation: settings must be between "clean DVD" and the highest quality of VHS above.

Convolution3d (preset="dvBQ") # dv Ba quality: (0,8,16,8,8,3,0)
Convolution3d (preset="dvLQ") # dv Lo quality: a bit weaker
Convolution3d (preset="dvHQ") # dv Hi quality: two bits weaker