View Full Version : Keyframe in RMVB file (Real Media Video 9)

28th September 2002, 16:40

does someone have an idear to find the keyframe in an .rmvb file (realmedia video 9) the real media editor gui could jump to the next keyframe. perhaps someone have give a shot to the SDK and could explain me how i could detect the near keyframe if i specify a time.

Ps: i forgot to say that rmeditor split the file only on a keyframe.
for exemple if u use.

rmeditor -i XXX.rmvb -o XXXX_split.rmvb -s 00:00:02:20,20 -e 0

it will split to the keyframe after the time 02:20,20
and the SDK source of rmeditor are here :

thank u bye.