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27th September 2002, 12:35
got a question for you coders..
is it possible to modify the firmware of the pionneer 04 burner that it burns all discs at 2x?? cause in the firmware exists a list of expensive manufactures(pionner,verbatim..)which burns the 04 with a speed of 2x...,so i was wondering when adding f.e. princo and so on....

much thanxs

int 21h
27th September 2002, 13:39
More than likely there is a table of Mfg IDs kept somewhere in the firmware and referred to, to check 2x compatibility. Obviously you can't just add entries to a table (because of the size increase), but you might be able to have the checking process always return what it looks for to be 2x. You'd have to have a good ASM person check out a firmware dump (not even sure what language its in though).

27th September 2002, 14:05
mmhh,sounds complicated however i got no clue about this...

maybe someone can do what you wrote,cause this would be very nice..:p ???


30th September 2002, 09:21
The language is probably the assembly language of the chipset/microprocessor which is inside that drive...but why would you want to burn all media at 2x? Do you need some coasters?

30th September 2002, 13:00
what is a coaster? i simply want to burn faster....


30th September 2002, 13:17
A coaster is a bad burn (unreadable disc, medium-write-error, power-calibration-error etc). This is exactly what you get if you burn discs at a speed they are not good for.
The pioneer writers can't even write some media at 1x, and you want 2x for all :confused:

30th September 2002, 13:54
ahh i understand the coaster...
but this is the thing,maybe all discs can be burned at 2x because with the old firmware it wasn`t possible to burn f.e. primediscs at 2x then with the 1.31 it was possible,now with the1.32 it is impossible again...so i think its not the way the discs are produced,itīs more like this:companies (verbatim ..)who paid pioneer money are listed in the firmware for burning at 2x speed and therefor are able to sell their media expensive...

but maybe im wrong,

30th September 2002, 14:15
Did you read carefully in the forum? Several people had nothing but coasters with Primedisc (=Ritek) at 2x speed, and the idea of burning CMC (=cheaply made crap) at 2x caused my stomach to ache...

30th September 2002, 14:22
mhh ok didn`t read that....