View Full Version : Arghh Subrip Woes...Please Help

25th September 2002, 15:45
I keep getting this error message in the latest version of subrip.

Does anyone have a solution. Please.

I've manually editied the sst file, all to no avail.

Info ********* Error *********
Info Checking Subtitle File. Stream ID = 1, File = (D:\******\VIDEO_TS\VTS1\subs\eng1.sst)
Error The display area does not match the pixel area.
Error The pixel area (bottom) should be smaller or equal to 575.
Error Dimensions dump:
DisplayArea: X1=0, Y1=2, X2=719, Y2=574
PixelArea: Top=2, Bottom=576
SubTitleImage: Width=720, Height=576

Info ********* Error *********

26th September 2002, 02:28
The problem is that your Display area Y2 is 574, and your PixelArea Bottom is 576... the pixelarea can't be greater than the displayarea Y2, is what the error seems to be saying. I'd suggest changing your displayarea because it seems to be cropping 1 from x and 1 from y (your x2 is 719, from 720 too).

26th September 2002, 08:14
This is the default output by subrip. I have tried manually changing some numbers within the file, but then I get a different error.

If anyone knows which numbers to change and to what values, I would appreciate it.

Someone must be having the same problems....


26th September 2002, 12:21
i had the same problems ...just rip it with 573 and not with 576 ..then scenarist will accept the subs ...check my posting under advanced authoring...

26th September 2002, 18:57
Thanks for the advice.

Do I just edit the final file that subrip outputs, or do I need to alter the cropping position within subrip?


27th September 2002, 09:37
you can do both ..or alter the son file with notepad or just change the rip amounts on subrip:)

27th September 2002, 11:03
follow the link and u ll never have any sub problems.


at least in Maestro.