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24th September 2002, 19:12
I just saw this on The Screen Savers and it concerns those of us who own a pioneer dvd burner. You should update the firmware because of a possible firmware bug that could damage the drive when used with high speed media. I don't know if 2x would be considered high speed media or not. I also don't know if people have been having problems making stand alone compatible dvds once they've upgraded to the newest firmware. Please post any results or abnormalities that you've had since upgrading to the newest firmware.

24th September 2002, 19:30

I think if you search the forum, you'll see that there are various posts where people have had issues with the upgrade.

I've upgraded my A03 from v1.80 to v1.90 and had no problems. But some others have had some.

No, the 2x media is not the 'high speed' they were talking about. They were talking about 4x media. So, if you're not intending on using 4x media, you should be okay to forgo the upgrade. The only other thin the upgrade does is support additional media at 2x. Well, since RitekG3 isn't supported at 2x with the A03 v1.90, it really hasn't impacted me.

Some users with A04 have reported success burning RitekG3 at 2x after the upgrade to v1.31 (different version for A04 vs.A03). Then, Pioneer added another upgrade, v1.32, which takes RitekG3/2x burning support away. I don't know what else v1.32 did over v1.31. Anyone?


24th September 2002, 19:53
I don't know if 2x would be considered high speed media or not.


You need nothing more than read one of the official Pioneer statements to see that 4x dvd-r and 2x dvd-rw media (and only these) are highspeed media.

24th September 2002, 21:15
The Pioneer 104 can only burn dvd-r at 2x max. So if 2x media is not considered high speed, then what is? Unless the new firmware will allow people who own the 104/a04 to burn at 4x.

24th September 2002, 21:21
To owners of the A03 and A04, 4x IS high speed - we're just not able to burn at that rate with our drives.

The issue, apparently, is that using 4x dvd-r media (and 2x DVD-RW) in the A03 or A04 without the firmware upgrade may cause problems. It's not saying you'll burn the stuff at 4x. You just won't have problems (which they've described) if you've upgraded.

24th September 2002, 21:28
padre, you won't even burn that stuff at 2x...the pioneer statement explicitely says that 4x dvd-r media will only be written at 1x with 1.90/1.32 (no statement as to if this is going to be fixed)

hoops: *inserting* 4x dvd-r or 2x dvd-rw media into a dvr-a03/4 with an obsolete firmware is enough to risk damaging the drive.

Commander XJL
24th September 2002, 22:24
I read on a web site that 4x media will burn at 2x with the 1.90 firmware update. Doesn't make sense it would backtrack to 1x

24th September 2002, 22:40
I don't know what funny websites you visit :) Of course does it make sense to limit speed to 1x.

These 4x media are made according to specifications the dvr-a03/a04 are not built for. Even worse, there are no 2x writing specs for dvr-a03/a04 at all. It's done individually for each media based on the 1x writing specs.

It possible that highspeed media cannot be written at 2x with dvr-a03/04, or that this process needs some optimization/tuning and that only later firmwares will allow 2x on highspeed media.

Look here (http://www.pioneer-eur.com/eur/products.jsp?category=products/DVDwriter/2X_Rec&category_id=442&taxonomy_id=43;92) and here (http://www.pioneer-eur.com/eur/support_update.jsp?category=support/update/qa).