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24th September 2002, 02:57
Hi all,

I recently fresh installed XP due to my win98 install finally dying after 2 years.

I put all my DivX'ing apps back on in xp and everything worked fine except DVD Decrypter... I then downloaded the latest version and it works a treat. I was very surprised to see it rip @ 4.8x when under 98, it never topped 2.6x

Why is this? The PC's hardware did not change, and I had DMA enabled on the DVD drive all this time.

BTW, its only an old 8x BDV-108A.

Just thought it might be something to ask about, as it might give some other users a speed increase.

24th September 2002, 04:30
Maybe you use different modes under Windows 98 and XP :)

24th September 2002, 07:50
Differant modes?

Under 98, it used ASPI and its now using SPTI under XP. Is that what you mean?

24th September 2002, 08:07
Yep, or maybe you just enabled DMA Mode after you installed Windows XP.

20th October 2002, 19:49
I've got a different thought on it. XP sux. Well, not really, but there's all kinds of problems that come to XP that weren't on 98. Obviously, they're still working out the bugs in XP. I've got two main-stream programs that worked just fine in 98 and have video glitches in XP. I've also noticed that TV/video cards (such as the AverTV, the Hauppauge and others) worked just fine in 98 but seem very fuzzy in XP.

Further, I have found (and tested this on more than one system) that NVIDIA GEFORCE cards are not as compatible under XP as I'd like them to be. Their own demo programs (such as Werewolf and Tidepool) work just fine under Win98 and don't under Windows XP.

So bottom line... when it comes to video processing of any kind, apparently XP still has some serious problems. Of course, Microsoft views this as "We're the big dog so everyone else has to comply with us"... but when XP doesn't prove to be compatible with existing Nvidia foundations... that's pretty bad.

Of course, Nvidia has the worst tech support in the world, so there was no discussing this with them... but then, that's what happens when you're making money hand over fist. Ya stop caring.

20th October 2002, 21:46
Originally posted by Justinus
Yep, or maybe you just enabled DMA Mode after you installed Windows XP.

Nope, always had DMA mode enabled first thing I checked.

20th October 2002, 22:40
I'm kinda new to this. Are you saying that XP runs better with DMAs set to off?

If so.. where do I do that? (I know where in 98... but haven't checked it out yet in XP)

21st October 2002, 07:38

lucky you,
but I think it's not the OS issue.

I use Win98, Win2k, WinXP, all rip the same speed,
about 6x for CSS protected DVD, about 12x for non CSS (region free).

29th October 2002, 19:44
I've noticed the same ripping speed increase [200-300%] on a couple of PCs when moving from win98se to xp-pro.

Currently I've two afaik identical Dells, one has a habit of switching from DMA to PIO on the DVD channel [secondary master, no slave present], removing IDE2 and searching for new hardware fixs this without requiring a reboot but it's a little annoying.