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21st September 2002, 05:57
hi guys im anewbie here and need help using pulldown
i have encoded dvd movie at 23.97 frames or force film in dvd avi project
ok well i need to execute pulldown now and have no idea i have it in dvd svcd in program files and i can get the dos windpw up but i have no idea what to write
the file is called death.mpv and its located in new folder if that helps? thanks after i master this then encoding is easy! thanks guys

22nd September 2002, 02:55
Just change to the directory that holds your file by typing:

cd "c:\thefilepath"

substitute the real filepath, of course.

then type:

pulldown death.mpv death2.mpv

When it's done, death2.mpv will be the file you keep.

You mentioned encoding afterward, I'm assuming you've already encoded and death.mpv is the result. You normally do PULLDOWN as the last step before importing into an authoring package.

22nd September 2002, 04:15
Or get a newbie-friendly Gui for your pulldown.exe that also supports queuing:http://guiguy.wminds.com/downloads/pulldownbatchfe/ So much simpler specially with xp and multiple hd's.