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18th September 2002, 22:28
I am probably going to get flamed for saying i haven't looked hard enough but is there an online guide with pictures that will show me how to do a full dvd, with all the menus and extras. i dont want the subtitles or foreign language so i must be able to delete those.
I am new to this and i can rip full dvds if there under 4.3 gig as easy as pie and i can also re encode using rempg2 to make the m2v smaller so all i get is the movie. i would like to be able to learn to do the full dvds as some have a few cools bits like monsters inc for instance.
i use winXP pro so i hear theres problems with ifo edit, but ifo edit works fine after i author a dvd and makes the aspect ratio ok and it also gets the vts sectors, so if this works what doesnt it do with winxp?
If anyone has a link to a site, and yes i have been on every site nearly on doom just would like one without ifo edit if it doesnt work with winXP.
also a link to what proggys i cpuld use and it doesnt matter what they are as i have most of them already.

19th September 2002, 14:34
i havent seen the monsters inc dvd, but for all the advanced features, you will want to use DVDMaestro, or Sonic/Daikin Scenarist, and doom9 has a guide for each including full copy (maestro): http://doom9.org/mpg/maestro2.htm, scen guide: http://doom9.org/mpg/scenarist.htm, and DVDMaestro guide: http://doom9.org/mpg/maestro.htm (and yes they all have pretty pictures).

also other DVD based guides at http://doom9.org/mpg/dvdr-guides.htm

and you arent going to get flamed, cause there are rules here.

if those guides dont help you, then try to ask for help in a specific part you are getting stuck with.


19th September 2002, 15:12
Thanks a lot for the help :) i am going to have a look now, touch wood in a short while i'll be a dvd master LOL

20th September 2002, 14:28
Originally posted by yomper
Thanks a lot for the help :) i am going to have a look now, touch wood in a short while i'll be a dvd master LOL

you are never a DVD Master, you will always learn new tricks.


25th September 2002, 12:36
Nicely put auenf

25th September 2002, 17:49
Yep i agree i was just kidding. I will just be happy to do a few successfull different ways of copying dvds then i will be over the moon.

8th October 2002, 07:43
i have a very similar question and i actually posted it here (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=35180) before i found this thread. but i'd like to work with tools that are freely available like ifoedit, vobedit, rempeg, etc.

i'm just wondering (newbie question :confused: ): theoretically, isn't it possible to just rip the whole DVD, rempeg the vobs containing the movie and trailers to a reasonable size (let's not consider the picture quality), remux the m2v-files, push the "get vts sector" button in ifoedit, and have a "working" dvd with all the menus (including selectable subtitles/audio/commentary)??? since this idea is obviously too simple (otherwise some brainiac would have come up with it already), could somebody tell me where my misunderstanding lies?

thanks in advance.


ps: i'm not interested in getting my butt kicked if this question was too easy -- my wife does it already :scared: (hahaha -- just kidding :p, she's a sweet "tribble"). i rather need some constructive input :sly: