View Full Version : xmpeg 4.5 and divx 5.xx

17th September 2002, 14:50
i've been trying to use xmpeg the divx codec 5.xx on a win xp system.
for some reason the divx codec never show's up inside the list of avialable codec's inside of xmpeg.
Does any have a idea of what needs to be considered while setting xmpeg up?
thx Jacktradesy2k

17th September 2002, 21:07

Open VDub and go Video-Compression. Is it listed there? If so, then I can't help you as I've never used XMpeg. If not, then reinstall DivX5 and reboot and then look again. If that doesn't make it show up, do you have DivX4 installed? If so, then dump it and reinstall DivX5 again.

30th September 2002, 11:24
For Xmpeg issues please read "Tips and Tricks for Xmpeg 4.5 " on this forum at
Perhaps these tips can help you

Delete also the "Settings" and the "Profiles" subdirectories of Xmpeg

Good luck