View Full Version : Make a standalone CD audio player out of a CD-ROM

17th September 2002, 10:18
I got this idea of making a cd player for my car out of an old cd-rom drive that I have just lying around. I know some cd players have those play/next track buttons on the front but this haven't... So all I really need is to know if it is possible to make that kind of button myself in some easy way? So if you know a solution, please help me out =) Have a nice day!

7th October 2002, 06:48
I don't think there is any way you could pull this off without incurring most cost then just buying a new CD player for your car. Unless you have a *LOT* of time and patience, the only realistic way I can think of doing this would be to find a car CD-Player that uses the standard IDE cable for connecting the logic board to the mechanical player, and swap it out. Does one even exist? I don't know, but probably. Of course, unless you can find a "dead" (i.e. drive broke) one for cheap, this means actuially buying a CD player . . .

Also, you'd probably have to get out the soldering iron and redo the power section of the board, or if your lucky (and good with a multimeter) just rewire the power cords coming out of the CD Player's logic board.


7th October 2002, 13:02
Some people come up with the maddest ideas!! they must and way too much time on their hands, but you got to laugh.

9th October 2002, 01:32
if your cdrom drive already had the play/next button on it you could do this easily, but that is a moot point anyway, cuz no desktop PC cdrom drive is going to be able to handle the shock and vibration that it would be subjected to in a car, It would start skipping like a madman basically.
Your much better off just buying a really cheap car stero with cd player, I've seen some for as little as $60, and some of them are almost as compact as a cdrom drive.

15th October 2002, 09:36
Thanks for replies!
I see that it seems harder than I thought.. Just thought it would be a funny thing to test :p Used this solution a time ago at my college room with an old cdrom, but that had the play/next button..
But thanks anyway =)