View Full Version : How to hide and then unhide a button

14th September 2002, 23:56

In Scenarist manual 11.4 "Uses for GPRM"
One of the possible uses:

Creating hidden highlight buttons that appear only when the user
makes certain selections in a certain order.

How could this be possibly done?
What command could I use to make a button hide and then unhide.

Needless to say the manual is great except it doesn't get too much into the "details" :)

Are there ways to manipulate index colors, opacity at run time?


16th September 2002, 06:10
I think you're right in questioning the manual. That statement is very vague. As far as I could tell, there isn't a way to manipulate buttons during DVD play.

They're probably referring to the use of GPRMs to alternatively link to different menus, which may look the same but have different buttons defined on each individual menu. Not really the same thing tho.

17th September 2002, 01:38
Do not creating a button link to the button that you want hidden.

Your pre command would include a command that checks if a GPRM is a certain value. If the GPRM is equal to that certain value, then jump to the PGN or CN with button # highlighted.