View Full Version : Subtitles in Maestro ARGH!!

9th September 2002, 15:31
Can anyone please help?

I cannot import subtitles, it's giving me the constant "No corresponding subtitles found" error.

I do the following with my PAL DVD:

1) I rip a chapter with DVD2SVCD
2) I ReMPEG it to 352x480
3) I extract the AC3 audio from that VOB file
4) I use SubRip to extract it to BMP and convert it into .SON format (25 FPS)
5) I try to import the video (works), audio (works), but with the subtitles the error appears. I import it at all the same timecode (0:00:00)...

What am I doing wrong here???

10th September 2002, 07:52
If the son file is not in the same directory with the bmps Maestro cannot find the files specified. To correct the problem make sure that in the son file there is the following line

Directory \where\your bmps\are