View Full Version : Menu instead of movie

31st August 2002, 03:15
I've stripped the copywrite message and a couple of other small bits out of my project and it appears to be working ok, but it goes straight into the first video file. How could I get the menu to load up instead (it's still there it just doesn't default to it)


31st August 2002, 21:15
Here's something you could try.
Open VIDEO_TS.IFO with IfoEdit, in the top window click on VMGM_MAT then expand it. Click on First Play PGC, then go to the bottom window. Scroll to the bottom where you see something like (JumpSS VMGM) Jump to VMG PGC:2. Right click on this line and choose edit.
I've had pretty good luck changing the command to (JumpSS_VTSM) Jump to Titleset Menu, then choose 1, 1, root. Click OK, save, test it out.
No guarantee, but it's worked for me in the past.

2nd September 2002, 00:39
Thanks for that. I actually did something similar in the end. I used Jump to video manager PGC and chose number 4, which seems to be working fine.