View Full Version : Anyone else seen this problem?

Commander XJL
29th August 2002, 18:47
Just lately I notice that I will burn a DVDR, keep in mind it can be with Recordnow, Prassi Primo, or Nero, on either a A04 or A03 drive, and on different name brand media, I will burn the disk, it will play in my computer but not on any of 4 standalones. Without changing the project I can burn it again and it will play. The disks that don't play just won't start up in my standalones. So I have verified its not the media, or a particular drive or burning app, and its not the project. So what could it be?

29th August 2002, 19:22
maybe itīs the burning software? Try opoen the software, close it and open it again and see if that does the trick.
Another thing, did you install any other soft. recently? You may have any incompatibility on your computer that manifests on first opening of the burning soft.
Strange thing.

Commander XJL
29th August 2002, 21:04
no, happens with all software. Could be something I installed, I may do a clean install of my system, seems like a good idea