View Full Version : Decomb patch release 3.91

29th August 2002, 00:50
I've released Decomb version 3.91. It contains a fix for a bug in the new decimation mode, Decimate(mode=2). Previously, if Decimate(mode=2) encountered a cycle of frames that did not contain a duplicate, it simply deleted the first frame in the cycle. STUPID! It should have fallen back to mode=0 operation, that is, delete the frame that is the most similar to its predecessor. The new version does that. Everyone should get this new version, because Decimate(mode=2) is the default behavior. :)

The new version is available at the URL in my signature below. Thanks to Ranma-kun for bringing this defect to my attention.

31st August 2002, 03:14
Mode 2 works awesome now. I too noticed the old mode 2 wasn't workn' out right. When I checked over the debug I found it was dropping frames that wasn't even close to others on the pre-patch release. I'm glad the problem was able to be fixed. It seems to be doing a better job now on portions of a video that are extremly noisy.

Keep up the great work and thanks again to Ranma-kun.