View Full Version : OggMux prob: computer freezes. (Ouch!) :-)

23rd August 2002, 18:36
I know the title sounds scary, but maybe it's just me and maybe somebody will help me with this:

What I do:

1. Avi file encoded w/ Divx 5.0.2.
2. Two soundtracks, English & Director's comments.
3. Three subs: English, Portuguese & Spanish.
4. Chapters: imported list.
5. Mux!

What happens:

After 23 seconds of the movie is muxed, progress stops.
1. If I wait, OggMux freezes. Wait more, computer freezes. (That sounds like a memory prob. Ouch!)
2. If I click Exit "quickly", OggMux exits. Then if I do Ctrl-Alt-Del, I'm stuck in the "Green screen." i.e. The desktop elements disappear (task bar, icons, etc.) but the Task Manager window never appears. All I can do then is a hard reboot.

But wait, there's more! Here's the kicker:

I did the exact same thing last week and it worked perfectly...!!!
The only difference is the avi file. I used different filters in VirtualDub, that's it...

I'm sorta puzzled and wonder if I installed some video-editing software since last week that can cause this problem. Hence, I'm far away from accusing OggMux of this problem, but still... Anybody experienced this before?

I'm on Win2k.

23rd August 2002, 19:02
Just a wild guess, maybe there is'n enough space on the target drive?


23rd August 2002, 19:21
Just a wild guess, maybe there is'n enough space on the target drive?

Sorry, but that's not it: brand new 80G...

24th August 2002, 03:17
Ok, forget it. This is not an OggMux problem... But it's very interesting nonetheless. I brought up this issue in the Divx5 forum where it belongs (I think).

24th August 2002, 03:33
I have the same problem whith shaft, I can mux the video whith oggmux, and the ogg video only have 18' but if I multiplex it with graphedit or submux works ok, if you uses Vobsub, try to mux whith submux( only one problem, you dont have chapters or you ned to put manualy??).
Its strange this problem only apears ramdonly and not only in oggmux, the can be apear in submux or graphedit. Im runing W2K SP2
sorry for my english.