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20th August 2002, 20:42
I successfully used the IMGTOOL several times, however the last few times I tried to use it I get a Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library error at about 99% of the image creation. I rebooted a couple times unzipped the image tool again with the same error.

Error is simply a pop up box with

"Runtime error

(imgtool.exe program path)

abnormal program termination"

Has any one seen this? or know of a fix for this issue?

Thanks in advance.

20th August 2002, 21:01
I forgot to include,

I'm running W2k professional with NTFS. The first couple images I created were over 4 gigs and they worked fine.

23rd September 2002, 22:30
Did you find a fix for the problem? I am having the same problem but it cuts out at about 90% or so.

23rd September 2002, 22:55
Are you saving your images on a partition with NTFS?

I had this error message every time I saved the image on a FAT 32 drive, I converted the drive, and that was it!

23rd September 2002, 23:09
it is a fat32 partition. any input on how to convert to ntfs partition?

Any help would be greatly apreciated. I am trying the ifoedit image/dvd decripter method because i can make good functioning backups just not on my player(a ps2).

Thanks for the help.:D

25th September 2002, 04:09
I think windows has this utility included.

You could also get Partition Magic 7.0, it is an excellent program for managin, resizing, converting and creating partitions of any kind (linux, windows, etc).

Try to get it in kazaa or something!

25th September 2002, 05:19
Bishop are you running Win2K or WinXP?
It has a built in converter for fat32.

Go to the command prompt and type convert /?

28th September 2002, 17:32
I have upgraded to 2k this week. So I got all that fixed. Having some new problems though. Voberator will not work on my sys now. I am thinking of redown loading it but have not gotten to it yet. Any ideas would be great.:confused: