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19th August 2002, 04:55
Used CCE to reencode a movie. When I tried importing into scenarist I got the following error:

Error : Number of fields (38) in GOP(# 2) or between sequence_header_code should be equal or smaller than 36.

Anyone know a way to either fix this problem or adjust CCE to reencode properly? Would prefer fixing rather than reencoding.

Thanks in advance for help.

19th August 2002, 05:26
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IMHO, you're looking at a re-encode, whether you like it or not...

Doom9's "Getting the best out of CCE" guide will show you where you can alter the GOP settings in CCE-SP:


All you need to do is make sure the COMBINED number of items between slashes is no more than 15 (PAL) or 18 (NTSC), as outlined in my response to the first post which I linked above - e.g.:


is a maximum of 15 frames per GOP (Group Of Pictures). This would be appropriate for PAL, although you *could* REDUCE the number of frames per GOP, just so long as you don't EXCEED the number of frames per GOP.

An NTSC GOP *might* look like this:


HOWEVER, don't forget that if you are creating MPEG which uses INTERLACED (or "FIELD") encoding, instead of "Frame" (or "Progressive) encoding, then you will have TWO fields per frame, so the above values would be doubled by the encoder, although you would not necessarily notice this from the readout in the GOP settings dialogue box. This is why Scenarist said:

"Number of fields (38) in GOP(# 2) or between sequence_header_code should be equal or smaller than 36."

...because 18 frames-per-GOP multiplied by two fields-per-frame = 18x2 = 36 fields-per-GOP. NTSC DVD-spec must not exceed 18 frames-per-GOP, therefore it must also not exceed 36 FIELDS-per-GOP. Simple!

Just try a short encode with the appropriate settings, as outlined above, and try importing this into Scenarist. If this works (I mean WHEN this works, cos it WILL!), you can save your CCE-SP settings and then re-encode your entire footage.

Arky ;o)

11th September 2002, 11:26
Hmm... soudns reasonable. My problem though is: how can I apply a 3:2 pulldown if my source is 23.97fps movie? Just using pulldown.exe after CCE, it will increase toe GOPs of size 18 to 45, right? I put this question, because it is OOF (actually OOF - out of forum :-) to teh CCE forum: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=33375

Thanks for having a look at it!