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18th August 2002, 19:33
I was wondering if anybody had any new information.

*When are the new lines of drives expected out?
*Who are the forseen manufacturers?
*When released, what will the standard speeds be?
*Which format (DVD-R or DVD+R) will become more proprietery for DVD Video purposes and not DVD Data purposes?
*Which drives / formats will have newer and more compatable burning technology / firmware for home DVD players (old and new)?

If the new drives are NOT much faster and are NOT soon to come and will NOT drastically affect the current price and compatability of the (lets say) Pioneer 104/A04... Then I may decide to purchase one soon.

Thanks in advance for ANY help and information

John Miller
19th August 2002, 08:52
Pioneer will have a 4x drive out by november...
Pricing information is not yet available...

19th August 2002, 12:38
at approximately at the end of the year, Sony should be releasing a desktop and laptop drive that reads and writes to:



19th August 2002, 16:08
wow sounds nice... Both too far away however. A few months ago everybody was making it sound like I should wait for 4x drives that are coming out in august / sept.

19th August 2002, 18:55
waiting sucks. buy, buy, buy!

20th August 2002, 12:57
Originally posted by colebert
waiting sucks. buy, buy, buy!

well, i currently have a Ricoh MP9120 (basically a MP5120 without dvd burning) so its not really worth the money for me to get the pioneer drives with their inferior cd writing capabilities, and the ricoh (and clones) are on par with my current drive.

altho having 2x DVR-S201 at work does put me in a little different of a situation :)