View Full Version : DVD -Region 2 X Region 1 or 4

17th August 2002, 11:53
I live in Brazil where the system color TV is PAL-M, but all the tv
are auto select PAL-M and NTSC. My Pioneer DV 344 standalone
player is PAL/NTSC patched ALL REGION. Well, when I play DVD
Region 1 or 4 all works fine, but with Region 2 discs the image
is black and white.
How can I by pass this problem? What is the problem that occur?

18th August 2002, 09:56
I dont know, but that happened to me with my playstation. Connecting it via a scart lead seemed to solve the problem.
Are you sure your TV can handle PAL? That too would make it play in B&W. My old tv couldnt do NTSC, it would play foreign games (from the US) in B&W.

18th August 2002, 12:34
The problem seems the kind of PAL system. There are many types.
We have in Brazil the PAL type M and in Europe the PAL is type
G, and the Region 2 DVD are encoded in PAL-G.
I didnt understand the expression "scart lead" . Is a TV eletrical
sign transcoder?

18th August 2002, 13:06
Hello,maybe if you can change the hardware of your dvd player you should resolve the problem?
In last case can you solve the problem with a european tv?

20th August 2002, 22:30
PAL-M has 525 lines and ~30 fps (like NTSC). European PAL (B,G,D,K) has 625 lines and 25 fps. If you want to watch region 2 DVDs in color you need TV with European PAL. Or computer videocard with TV out with PAL-M system.