View Full Version : DVD2SVCD stopped as i ran out of space when Multiplexing need help to fix now

16th August 2002, 19:34
Ok, i ran outta space when i was doing DVD2SVCD. It got all the way to bbMPG and was just splitting it at that point. I believe. It cancelled/errored out, (i thought i still had space left). and clicked ok in bbMPG, and then it tryed again. With of course the same result. But much faster. It cancelled completely and closed itself at that point. Wasnt till after till i saw why. Duh. hehe..

But now when i try opening just bbMPG and click "Star Encoding" it keeps trying to do it at when the second cd suppose to start. Doesnt do the First cd. Not only that, this is a 3cd rip. Targetted to be. It wont split from 2nd and 3rd cd. It makes it a nice big 1.4 gig file. :p
Obviously im dumb. >_<

But regardless, there has to be some ini file or whatever bbMPG keeps taking this info from? So i can manually tweak it to 1) start from the very beginning and 2) split into 3 seperate mpg files obviously. Every 800MBs. I still have all the files, so none were deleted. And i simply rotated some stuff i had onto another drive. So now i have plenty of space (should have done that earlier before ripping). heheh.

Obviously i shouldnt need to start DVD2SVCD all the way from the beginning again and rip. Would be a waste of time. Considering i still have all my output files. and bbMPG is pretty much the last thing for itself to do. :D

I had another copy of bbMPG also installed on my system, but i cant click "Start Encoding" and then goto Settings, like some of Doom9's guides suggest doing when doing manual multiplexing/splitting. Just gives the error "Could not open *&" (hey, the guide said to do that). I cant load up the files either and click Start Encoding and then Settings how I would like. to tweak it.

Please help this dumb fool. :D

16th August 2002, 19:41
actually just noticing this as well.
I think i know why it wont start from the very beginning. It looks like bbMPG did get the first part done right:
i found these files in my Movie dir.
bbMPEG_Muxed_File00.mpg00 - 796MB
bbMPEG_Muxed_File00.mpg01 - 313MB (obviously not done).
Ok, i know im a idiot. :p
But the bbMPEG_Muxed_File00.mpg00 is pretty much done right? I can just VCD Image it or whatever manually (after renaming the .mpg00 to .mpg)? Cuz it does play audio and video synced properly. hehehe. So that means CD1 is done right. duh.. hehe.. So that would explain why the it keeps making a muxed file that is 1.4 gigs. Just need to get cd2 and cd3 split.

17th August 2002, 02:10
All problem posts go in DVD2SVCD basic. Also why dont you free up some hardrive space and do a crash recover on pull down?

17th August 2002, 04:25
If you do like chainsaw135 said. Do a crash recovery that is located in the misc tab. There is a pulldown labeled crash recovery. You can start over from any sucessfully completed step.