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12th August 2002, 06:32
I've been using windows media player 9 for the past several days now and wanted to know what others who are also using it think about it. I personally think its the best release of microsofts media player since 6.4. 6.4 has been the best media player for me besides zoomplayer (the latest beta is sweet :sly: ). Some things I have noted on version 9 are faster startup times (not a surprise since it's integrated with windows 2k), a VERY slick/cleaner skin, a clever way of adjusting the equalizer, plugin support (normalization crossfade etc) oh and check this after installing wmp9 I was able to view pictures (jpg gif) with 6.4 which works great for me because when resizing images you get this overlay smooth effect similar to the windows picture and fax viewer in XP (the default picture viewer in windows xp). For those who haven't seen sshot of it here it is.

http://www.eccentrix.com/misc/phrentec/wmp9.gif http://www.winbeta.org/images/newMS.jpg

13th August 2002, 02:13
Hey phrentec ,
Interesting to hear . There was a thread recently
discussing that , but more so the EULA you have to agree
to to use any MS updates .

I'm assuming you used the beta that's floating around
on the net ? I'm an XP user and spend alot of time on
the XP newsgroups . The only thing there , other than
the EULA arguments , has been one guy that installed
it , had major problems and couldn't uninstall it .
The replies went from " You're a fucking idiot for
installing pirated software " to a MS employee saying
the beta doesn't include uninstall .

Since you've already installed it , have you tried
playing a dvd , svcd or tried copying a music cd ?

13th August 2002, 20:30
The beta of wmp9 has been around since the beginning of march. but the early betas were just a copy of wmp8 with a just a few minor changes. the latest betas include the whole transitional skins, plugin support, and major interface improvements. so yes the early betas were just pretty much a hoax and the latest one ( or at least the one have currently have right now the pretty much the whole deal including cd ripping, better organization of playlists, AND the ability to play mpeg-2 file BUT you still need an mpeg-2 decorder like powerdvd or the freedvd.zip from doom9s download page.