View Full Version : What is the best way to cut just a few MB at the end of the last vob?

7th August 2002, 03:13
After a reencode,the total size is 6MB to large and i'd like to cut a logo at the end of the last vob.Can i just use dv-tool and get vts-sectors in IfoEdit or can VobEdit be used?

7th August 2002, 06:40
Either use VOBSPLIT or find the smallest cell and just transcode that down to 90% in REMPEG. There's a guide on Derrow's page. Thats what I do when i'm real close to my goal size.

Sometimes I use DVDDecrypter in IFO mode and stream process out all but the 2ch English sound and cut the cell containing the credits.

You could also transcode the AC3 bitrate (the sound) down a notch then remuxing that back.

I'm sure theres more ways though.