View Full Version : Perhaps a new source for cheap WORKING DVDR in Europe

6th August 2002, 09:43
I Just buy 10 cheap "General Purpose DVDR" at 1 euro, and "2 Neo Gold DVDR" at 3 euros from www.playstationmods.com , excluding VAT and transport.
For France, that's give 17,5% VAT plus 12 Euros carriage.
Carriage will be less important for 100 pieces of course, but I am bored with coasters from cheap dvdr.

For those who don't know, playstationmods is the mother company of NEO mods for PS2, headed by Raptor, guru admin of digital-forums.
So, a well know company who know a lot about burners/readers/compatibility issues.

GP DVDR is good quality, no defect on the media side, and a nice white layer to protect on the other side.

Gold DVDR looks nice also, even if I don't like the full printed side; I prefer fully blank, and write what I like where I like.

ADVDinfo gives :
NEO general Purpose
00 42 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 50 00 02 7A 0C 15 .B...@....P..Z..
77 78 90 00 03 54 44 4B 47 30 31 00 04 30 30 30 WX...TDKG01..000
30 64 39 00 05 CC C0 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 0D9.............

NEO Gold edition
00 42 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 50 00 02 8A 0D 14 .B...@....P.....
88 88 80 00 03 50 52 4F 44 49 53 00 04 43 47 30 .....PRODIS..CG0
31 00 00 00 05 CC C0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 1...............

I burned 2 DVDR on my pioneer A03 firm 1.68 free (with recordnowMAX @X1 and nero @X1 Data DVD no joliet, mode1) last night and they all went fine.
I did not have nough time to watch the movie which is the only test, but I did some aggressive fast forward, rewind, next track, previous track, which went OK.
With this method, I always crashed f*ck*ng cdrecordable media.

Well, as always, it is just what I have tested , on my standalone Sony 715 and my PS2, that do not mean this is the magic media for everybody, and more, I only did 2 disks, so not enough to judge.

I did not test yet gold neo, and will let you know when done.

And, no, no shares in playstationmods company :-)

8th August 2002, 09:35
Ok. I had no time to burn new ones, but I played the 2 ones I did.

bad news.
Nero's one is completly fucked. Pixelisation, drop and crash of the standalone or PS2.
RecordnowMaw is nearly perfect, except a 2 sec pixelisation at the middle of the movie, and a 10 sec pixelisation which can cause crash on the standalone. But play fine in the PS2.

I must add that the sony 715 is quite bitch with DVD-R. For example a dirty DVD with fingerprints etc... play fines but, a DVDR with a single small tiny thing on the surface crashes.
PS2 is a easy dvdr reader fro me compared to the 715 and many people reported that PS2 is quite difficult.

Will do more burns and try the neo-gold media as playing burned disc in other standalones and will post report here.

Any other people tried these media from neo ?

8th August 2002, 12:18
I have bought some DVD-R from http://www.cdr-by-mail.co.uk
They chip to other European countries and the shipping price to Sweden was not more than buying something within Sweden.

The picture to the right in your posting looks very much like the "Bulkpaq Branded 4.7 GB 1X General Purpose DVD-R" I bought there.
These disc did not work well in my standalone DVD player or my DVD-ROM
unit. They were only playable in the DVD-burner. In my standalone it played to 60 % of the disc and then I got seeking problems and stuttering...

But I also bought a 25-pack of "DataSafe Branded (Generation 3)
4.7GB 1X General Purpose DVD-R". These discs worked very well in my standalone as well as my DVD-ROM. But they are 1x speed only. The price of a 25-pack is now 22.50 which is around 1.30 Euro. I haven't tried their 2x media. I also bought Princo DVD-RW but these disc only work in my burner because I found out that my standalone DVD player and my DVD-ROM does not play DVD-RW...

8th August 2002, 20:07

I too have been using these discs for the past couple of months.

Found them to be very good. (other than I paid too much for them, the price has plummeted in the past few weeks)

Highly recommended.


13th August 2002, 23:33
I find out that Nero is defenitivly not for me even version

I use now Gear DVD Pro 6.01 and i am very pleased with. VIDEO_TS check is nice (with log display of what's done) and do not refuse correct files like recordnow.
It burned X1 (it's still X1 even X2 selected) both NEO DVDR.
And last but not least, DVDR plays smoothly and without pixelisation in my sony 715 and my PS2.
I burned the 8 Genral purpose left as the 2 Gold Neo discs I had with one coaster (thx nero), one error from myself (copy a bad disk), one who hangs due a PC crash (cpu dan died !).
So on the 7 OK, 2 direct DVD5, 4 fully authored maestro or scenarist, and 1 maestro+ifoupdate.
I tested the 7 by violent next/previous track and other navigation with no problem at all. Cannot tell you if gold neo are better as both works perfectly right now.

I just had time to watch 2 movies (fully authored). perfect.
By the way I did a new test with cdrecordable dvdr i have still and gear DVD pro; And guess what ? result is pure sh*t: one or two next/previous track on chapter 20-24 and pixelisation etc crash.
So Gear Pro cannot miracle with bad medias :-)

Let you know when other 5 movies will be watched.

25th August 2002, 10:07
Ok . I fully watch the 5 movies in my sony 715 and result is perfect. Not a single glitch.

So i go for a 50 disc order and will try again.
50 cost 69 Euros, shipping costs and VAT included, about 5 to 10 days delivery time according my first order.

So quite a good deal for me (1.38 Euro/DVD-R), mainly as I just never received my 25 dvd order from shop4tech (ordered 30 july !), but they took the money from my visa, and do not answer yet to my mails...
I do not think they are thiefs, just not well organised and not enough customer-oriented.

At the opposite, i forget a line in the address of my first order from neo, send a mail to correct that. They answered within 2 days, and 2 days later sent me another mail apologizing for a 2 days delay in my delivery due to a delivery delay from their supplier.
That is for me services customer-oriented.