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Deepa DvD
2nd August 2002, 23:49
Hello everyone!
I have a DVD9 project. I selected my dual layer project to be Opposite and how do I set the layer break? When I go to Sort tracks in Scenario Editor (Scenario Editor-->Settings-->Sort Tracks).And "set layer break" is greyed out. but in the 2 choices: Parallel or Opposite, Opposite is selected and is also greyed out. (I selected opposite when crating this new project with scenarist) So how do I set the layer break? I am using ScenaristNT.
Thanks In Advance!!! I'd appreciate your help!!!:)

3rd August 2002, 03:24
Not trying to teach you to suck eggs, but you did make sure to specify to Scenarist that your Scenairo is actually a dual-layer one, didn't you..??

Arky ;o)

Deepa DvD
3rd August 2002, 04:02
Yeaa bro, I did.I even made sure by starting another project.Whenever I select Opposite or Parallel.It is selected, but it's greyed out.

3rd August 2002, 04:54
Ok, well then have you actually authored a project (at the current stage) which contains enough data to CONSTITUTE a 2-layer's worth of content? Again, I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs here - all I'm trying to do is narrow down the possibilities via a process of elimination. Perhaps Scenarist knows you want to author a dual-layer disk, but doesn't see enough data content in the project for it to actually invoke dual-layer parameters..?

Arky ;o)

Deepa DvD
3rd August 2002, 05:18
Yes, I do. I understand you aren't trying to teach me to suck eggs, because sometimes you do make mistakes like that. Here's a image attached. ...I think I'm missing some sort of step or sometin.
Thanks for replying Arky!!!:)

3rd August 2002, 05:52
Sorry mate - I can't see your attachment and I am logging off now to get some sleep! (gotta be up again in only 2hrs, so I'm gonna be knackered...).

Before I go, I can tell you, however, that I just opened a blank scenario in Scenarist and I got the SAME result as you. You are quite rare, as a solo-authorer, to be interested in dual-layer disks, because of the high mastering costs involved in such projects. It really is a pity that dual layer (as opposed to dual-SIDED) DVD-Rs are not a practical reality (of course the laser would have to be able to adjust focus for the second layer, which is at least a generation-or-two away from the current crop of DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs).

I am far more familiar with Maestro than I am with Scenarist, but I will keep thinking it over, and I'll get back to you if anything should occur to me. I hope you'll shortly get a reply from someone who uses Scenarist on a regular basis, though.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if dual-layer DVDs require greater-than-one VTS..? I must admit I am not sure if it is possible to split a VTS across two layers, or if VTS's need to be intact, and assigned to either layer, but not across both, to be functional...

I just edited my blank Scenario to include a second VTS, but still the option is greyed out, as you described. However, my total lack of data/assets in each VTS may be to blame for this state of affairs.

How many VTS's have you authored in your Scenario, Deepa DvD?

I wish you the best of luck.

Arky ;o)

Deepa DvD
3rd August 2002, 06:15
I appreciate your help very very much Arky!!!:)
I wan wondering that too.But after that I just threw in a another VTS folder and on the 1st one I only have about 100mb on the second VTS I have more than 7GB.I am going to play around with it for a couple more hours, until I fall sleep.(Yes, you should get some sleep, coz one time I slept for about 4hrs and then had to wake up and it felt like I've been sick for a week). The attachment should've shown up, but I don't see it either.I do see it when I go to edit the post. ...And yea, this is a replication project in which I have to press more than 1,000 copies.
Thank you very very much!
I appreciate your help!!!:)

Deepa DvD
4th August 2002, 05:44
Hey bro I got it!!!!!!!!!!!:) :)
Thanks very very much for trying to help me!!!
I appreciate it very very much!!!

Here's what happened:
Instead of 2VTS's I made 1VTS and 2 Titles. <---that was no problem
I had to click on the + next to VTS1. and that opened the whole list.Then I had to click on a track (chapter)-chapter30 the with the + sign and it opened another line thingy with the - sign next to it and then i clicked chapter 30's name xxxxx. And there!!!! I clicked on split layers. and then it did.And it showed me the precentage on layer 0 and layer 1.
Thanks again for trying to help me!!!:)

7th August 2002, 14:22
Cool - you've taught me something today! (you should always learn at least one thing every day :) )

I'm glad you found the solution.

Arky ;o)